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What our Students are Saying about Us

"You were very informative and I would recommend your class to
anyone considering taking up kayaking."

- Marvin Doepker, Saskatoon

What our Students are Saying about Us

- Donelda Gowan-Moody, Saskatoon

"Thank you very much for the paddling instruction.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Our son says that kayaking is AWESOME!"

What our Students are Saying about Us

"I wanted to stop and tell you that you are among
the best instructors I've ever had."
- Pool Student


Common Questions

Do I need previous experience?
No previous experience is necessary. A Basic Kayak Skills lesson with Coldspring Paddling Instruction will arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely and efficiently paddle your kayak. Students will be given the opportunity to learn these skills in a safe and comfortable environment.
Do I need to know how to swim?
You do not need to be a great swimmer, but you should be comfortable in and around the water while wearing a life jacket. At all times when we are on the water we will be wearing life jackets and at times participants will be floating in the water and will be asked to swim short distances such as from the front of the kayak to the rear, or to swim with their kayak to shore.
How fit do I need to be?
Participants should be in reasonable physical condition, but by no means is it required that you be any sort of athlete. During a course you will be expected to paddle distances of a few hundred metres at a time and swim short distances. During practice of the rescue techniques you will be expected to clamber from the water and into a kayak, a procedure that involves a certain amount of strength and flexibility. Though most do not find this difficult, it can be a challenge for some. For those with limited strength and mobility, there are variations of the techniques that we can use that will help. Paddling is a great way to get fit, and to stay fit!
Do I need my own kayak?
No. Kayaks and all associated equipment is available for all lessons. The kayaks we use are all suitable for the rescue techniques we use and are quality seaworthy craft that include safety features such as deck rigging and bulkheads providing adequate floatation.