Kayak Lessons

Below is a general description for the Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Skills (formerly Introduction to Kayaking, IK) course. For a listing of all PC Basic Kayak Skills courses currently being offered, please follow this link.

In the Basic Kayak Skills course we will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to begin kayaking and set the foundation for many years of efficient, healthy, and safe paddling.  We conduct a portion of some of our courses in the pool at Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre so that you can learn in a comfortable environment.  The remaining portions of the course are conducted at a nearby lake where you get to practice what was learned in the pool and pick up a few new paddling skills as well.


The description below is adapted from the Paddle Canada website.


Basic Kayak introduces the novice to paddling a kayak in calm sheltered water (such as sheltered portions of prairie lakes).

Rescue techniques at this level incorporate the use of a paddling partner and it is essential for all Basic Kayak certified paddlers to travel on the water with others who have been trained in the techniques of assisted rescues.



Course length

8 hours minimum.

Class ratio

1 instructor: 6 participants.


Enclosed and sheltered with easy landing options immediately present.
This course can be conducted in a pool.


Wind calm (< 15km/hr); Water calm to rippled.


Activities focus on individual safety and comfortable paddling along a calm shoreline. While there is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities should concentrate on personal progress and an awareness of the need for future learning. Paddlers should leave the course encouraged to continue their learning and aware of their individual limitations.


Rescue skillsPaddling skillsKnowledge
Wet Exit
Retrieving a swamped kayak
Assisted Rescue
Lifting and carrying a kayak.
Forward and reverse paddling.
Forward and reverse sweep strokes.
Draw stroke
Low brace
Boat design
Boat outfitting
Safety Equipment
Injury prevention
Equipment care
Kayaking resources

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What our Students are Saying about Us

- Donelda Gowan-Moody, Saskatoon

"Thank you very much for the paddling instruction.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Our son says that kayaking is AWESOME!"

What our Students are Saying about Us

"I wanted to stop and tell you that you are among
the best instructors I've ever had."
- Pool Student

What our Students are Saying about Us

"You were very informative and I would recommend your class to
anyone considering taking up kayaking."

- Marvin Doepker, Saskatoon