"Thank you Bryan! Linda and I very much enjoyed the kayak lesson. We were well looked after! You came through on all accounts! Even helping us get prepared for inclement weather that would have otherwise deterred us. Now we know we can kayak in most any weather! We have lots to practice!!"

Howard & Linda

Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Skills, May, 2019

"I wanted to stop and tell you that you are among the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to encounter over the years. You are clear, methodical and thorough, and you sequence your materials logically. You made that first session fun. Thanks. and best regards."


May, 2015

"Hi Bryan,
Just a note here to say thank you very much for the paddling instruction last night. Ross, Griffin and I each thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I am so grateful to move toward accessing and making good use of the natural resources we have at hand for enjoyment and physical activity.

Griffin says that kayaking is AWESOME!

I wish you a good day,"

Donelda Gowan-Moody, Saskatoon

Custom Lesson, August 2014


"Hello Bryan,
I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to you and your assistant Carla for the excellent instruction I received at the kayak lessons I attended on Mar 19th and 26th. You did a good job of presenting a lot of information in a short time frame.I am glad I had the opportunity to attend a clinic. It was a great learning experience for someone who is afraid to put her head under the water.
Thank You and Happy Paddling"

Bernadette, Saskatoon

Introductory Pool Clinic, March 2013


"Hi Bryan,
It was an awesome day at Pike Lake.  I enjoyed your course.  You were very informative, and you had such a nice demeanor.  I would recommend your class to anyone considering taking up kayaking. 
Thanks again Bryan for a wonderful couple of days."

Marvin Doepker, Saskatoon

Introduction to Kayaking, September 2012

"I felt that the course you offered for us was tailor made to support my family.  I appreciated how you were willing to adapt to our needs and abilities and was very flexible throughout.  Your instruction was easy to understand and inclusive of all our family.  We learned such a lot and reengaged our interest in kayaking.  I wouldn

"Bryan.... gets right down to business in his lessons, teaching the important basics effectively and efficiently.  He encourages cooperation among his students, which is necessary on any trek. Bryan is dedicated to kayaking and improving the skills of all those he comes into contact with. He has a vast experience and shares his knowledge generously. Lots of time was allowed for practice, too. He was always well organized and professional.... I had to stretch my abilities, learned a lot, and had a really fun time..."

Yvonne, Saskatoon

SCC Introduction to Kayaking Clinic, May 2011.

"Just want to say that Bryan is an awesome instructor. He's very patient with participants, explains things well and takes the time to give help when needed on an individual basis. This creates a comfortable and fruitful learning environment."

Irene, Saskatoon

SCC Introduction to Kayaking Clinic, May 2011.

"I enjoyed the course from beginning to end.  The wet exit seemed scary at first, but Bryan's calmness about it took the edge off.  It really is easy and fun!  Not only did I get on-the-water experience but also learned lots of neat-o kayaking facts. Bryan was a great instructor, walking/paddling us through everything we needed to know and making it exciting."

Wendy, Saskatoon

Introduction To Sea Kayaking, June 2011.

What our Students are Saying about Us

"I wanted to stop and tell you that you are among
the best instructors I've ever had."
- Pool Student

What our Students are Saying about Us

"You were very informative and I would recommend your class to
anyone considering taking up kayaking."

- Marvin Doepker, Saskatoon

What our Students are Saying about Us

- Donelda Gowan-Moody, Saskatoon

"Thank you very much for the paddling instruction.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Our son says that kayaking is AWESOME!"