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My father-in-law loves to play with video editing so he put together this fast-paced (and somewhat loud) video as a fun project using video he took of me teaching kayak courses at Candle Lake in the summer of 2011. Don't worry, my courses are actually much more relaxed than this high energy video portrays.



What our Students are Saying about Us

"You were very informative and I would recommend your class to
anyone considering taking up kayaking."

- Marvin Doepker, Saskatoon

What our Students are Saying about Us

"I wanted to stop and tell you that you are among
the best instructors I've ever had."
- Pool Student

What our Students are Saying about Us

- Donelda Gowan-Moody, Saskatoon

"Thank you very much for the paddling instruction.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Our son says that kayaking is AWESOME!"